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With permission from my clients, I went  and photographed a few stale listings to show the difference between what I can provide versus someone who hasn't spent hundreds of hours photographing and editing properties.  With the agents permission, I'm able to show the difference between their actual photos that appeared on the MLS versus photos I am able to provide to my clients.  

These are the same spaces but look completely different.  I took my assistant with me to some of the properties and this led to a discussion while editing the photos.  She stated that when I sent her the listings so she could familiarize herself with the properties, she wasn't all that excited to actually go view them.  Her opinion of the properties after walking through the door had completely changed.  In one, she didn't see the charm that the property oozes.  At the second property, she thought it was going to be OK, but again, she wasn't too excited. She said if she was house hunting, after looking at the listing online, it wouldn't be one that she would put on her list because it just didn't look like it had anything to excite her.  There was nothing calling to her online with the original photos.  I on the other hand, was excited to see the property because I've had this house on my bucket list to shoot for a few months. I knew I could make the home shine.  I often see the potential, even through bad photos.  What I couldn't see though was the layout.  I had absolutely no idea how this home flowed.  I was more than pleasantly surprised after doing my initial walk-through.

We both had a moment where we turned the corner in the kitchen, headed toward the dining room and we literally heard angels sing...."aaaaaaahhhhhhhh"  The light was coming through the multiple windows and it was dancing across the hardwood floors and it suddenly became our favorite space in the entire house.  In the original photos, there wasn't even a single shot of the dining room we both fell in love with.  Keep in mind, this was an empty space.  Not a stitch of furniture, not a single curtain in sight.....just a room with some beautiful sunlight filtering through the windows.



Slide through two actual listings of before & after photos!

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